Not Sure About You, But I Am Lazy

I admit it. I am lazy. Other than something that falls under the category of a hobby, I will do what I can to avoid doing extra work.  Even then, I probably lean towards being efficient with my effort. For example, I actually enjoy mowing my lawn.  But I do my best to...

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Having A Workout Partner Does Make a Difference

Humans tend to be social animals.  We have evolved as a species by joining forces with other humans and there really isn't much we like to do in isolation.  From watching movies to reading in a library setting to eating, there are some interesting examples of things...

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Non-Surgical Method to Increase Penis Size

This is a topic that was discussed on the Fit Happens Radio Show almost 10 years ago.  Get two males together and invariably they will find a way to inject some sophomoric humor into the conversation at some point.  That happens occasionally on the show and this topic...

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April is Stress Awareness Month — So Listen Up!

April is National Stress Awareness Month. So let’s do our best and be aware so we can truly understand what stress means – and what it doesn’t mean. I am a fan of TED Talks. Many are very good. I have watched several done by authors of books I have previously read and...

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