Diabetes is an epidemic affecting us all. In adults 20 and over, over 13% suffers from diabetes. For people over 65 that number is more than 26%. Diet and exercise are the key to managing and sometimes even reversing diabetes. Obesity, diabetes, hypertension and age were arguably the top comorbidities that increased the risk of severe illness for COVID-19.

For over 31 years the staff at Blue Moon Fitness has been working to improve the health of the communities they serve. Every member of the staff wishes they had the ability to make things better.

To meet that goal, Blue Moon Fitness has been offering a free 12-week membership to anyone who has been diagnosed with diabetes or cancer for over 5 years. Effective immediately we are also offering one free personal training session per week and free small group training for those same 12 weeks.

To qualify, a person simply needs to bring in a note from his or her physician stating that they have been diagnosed with either diabetes or cancer.

This free personal training aspect of this program is new and there may be questions as we move forward. We will work to make the program as simple and effective as possible but do ask for patience from anyone who has a question we haven’t contemplated.