I admit it. I am lazy.

Other than something that falls under the category of a hobby, I will do what I can to avoid doing extra work.  Even then, I probably lean towards being efficient with my effort. For example, I actually enjoy mowing my lawn.  But I do my best to have a lawn that doesn’t require much trimming and I will use a riding mower where possible.  The same goes for snow removal.  I love the crisp, cool air and the morning sun on fresh fallen snow.  But I will use a snow blower where possible.

Health and fitness are very important to me and interrelated. But when I factor in my inherent laziness, that means I try to make the path to health and fitness as simple as possible.

An example of that is that I try to eat food that requires the least amount of effort for my body to digest.  That is pretty easy to do.  I have learned that the longer a food has before its “expiration date”, the more likely it is to not be good for me.  The longer the list of ingredients that I cannot easily pronounce, the more likely that food is not good for me.

And I absolutely eat some of those foods regularly. Some are absolutely delicious. But I am aware that I will have to pay the price somehow.  It may be that I will have to work them off or it may be that my body may have to work harder to digest these over-processed foods.

Foods with fewer ingredients may cost more, but I would rather pay more up front than pay at the expense of my health and health care costs.  And those foods with simple ingredients often taste sooo much better.  I remember very fondly the amazing things my grandmothers could concoct using the most basic of ingredients.

The old saying, “you are what you eat”, continues to be true.  It is nice that we now have access to scientific data that supports that axiom.  Treat yourself to tasty foods that are also better for you than the alternative.  An example you may appreciate would be to go for locally grown fresh strawberries and real whipped cream rather than putting an ultra-processed desert topping that only resembles whipped cream and strawberries that look great but have no taste.