35-Second Private Full-Body Scan

Styku scanners perform a confidential, non-invasive 3D body scan in seconds using just a simple turntable and 3D camera. In only 35 seconds, we extract millions of measurements with 2mm accuracy and reconstruct your body in 3D. Compare scans to see your progress – this means you can finally ignore the scale and look at how your body is really adapting to exercise!

  • Takes only 35 seconds in a private room to scan, then just 40 seconds processing time. 

  • Scan in leggings, shorts, or any form fitting clothing. (You can take off your sweats to expose those form fitting clothes behind closed doors.)
  • We only review your personal scan with you when and if you choose. (We have seen thousands of people who wish they had that “before picture” after they have made their transformations.)

Request a 3D Body Scan

With Styky Body Comp Testing

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How It Works

View Your Body Shape

Reveals your shape and how it’s changing

Track Progress

Measures waist, hip, body fat %, and more.

Set Personalized Goals

Set goals with fat loss & calorie calculator.

Fast & Non-Invasive

Uses harmless light to create a 3D image. Takes only 35 seconds!