Small Groups. Big Impact.

Motivation and Accountability with Group Fitness

Group Fitness is currently offered at Omaha South and North locations.

With a huge variety of fitness classes available: LesMills Body Combat, Yoga, BodyBalance, Pilates, just to name a few…there’s no reason to feel burned out or bored with repetition of the same workout routines. Aside from keeping fitness fun, mixing up your fitness routines is a great way to ensure you’re training your entire body in a balanced way. A staff of certified and experienced instructors ensures a safe, fun, and non-judgmental workout experience. Check out our class schedules for locations and times.

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Group Fitness Classes

LesMills BodyCombat

High Energy Workout. The world’s most popular martial arts based fitness class, combine movies from karate, Tae Kwon Do, Boxing and Tai Chi. BODYCOMBAT improves coordination and develops muscle definition, while at the same time builds self-esteem and boosts confidence.

LesMills BodyStep

Full-Body Cardio Workout. BODYSTEP is a simple, athletic workout that will shape and tone your entires lower body and push your fat burning system into higher gear. The group atmosphere is inspiring. The music and energy is addicting. You made have experienced a step class, but that doesn’t mean you’ve experienced BODYSTEP!

LesMills BodyBalance

Yoga-Based Workout for Anyone and Everyone. BODYBALANCE is a mind-body class that combines Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates disciplines. Often described as a journey not destination. BODYBALANCE is designed to make your feel longer, stronger, reduce pain and relieve stress.

LesMills BodyPump

Barbell Workout. We call this workout “Resistance to Rhythm!” The BP work out is a challenging yet simple routine that uses specially made barbells that can be adjusted from 3 pounds to 91 pounds making it ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels.

*Introductory Class: If you have never taken a BODYPUMP or have only taken it once or twice and would like to join other members who are just as new to the class as you- come to this class! This class is offered the first Sunday of the month at 1pm.

Total Body Fitness

This workout is meant to improve your endurance overall and burn a heightened amount of calories. It is designed to accommodate a diverse group of people with options for everyone. May include but not limited to bodyweight and the aerobic step and challenged!

Les Mills Body Attack

 A 60-minute high-energy, fun and athletic workout focused on cardio fitness, stamina, and agility.

Pop Pilates

Pop Pilates® is a unique fusion of Pilates-inspired movements with upbeat music and choreography. created by fitness instructor Cassey Ho. Unlike traditional Pilates, which often focuses on controlled, low-impact movements, Pop Pilates adds a dynamic and energetic twist to the workout.

Les Mills Grit

Considered one of the quickest ways to take your fitness to the next level, the 30-minute high-intensity interval training of a Les Mills GRIT workout builds cardiovascular fitness and lean muscle.

Yoga Classes

Mind and Body Exercises. YOGA blend balance, strength, flexibility and power in a fitness format. Yoga allows the participant to gain strength and flexibility at their own pace.