This is a topic that was discussed on the Fit Happens Radio Show almost 10 years ago.  Get two males together and invariably they will find a way to inject some sophomoric humor into the conversation at some point.  That happens occasionally on the show and this topic provided ample opportunity.

On a more serious note, this topic is an example of how our health care system works.  It is possible for almost 2/3 of American men to effectively increase the size of their penis and most people have never heard of this fact.  Why not?  Why has everyone, including children, seen or heard multiple erectile dysfunction ads but nothing about this?  Well, follow the money.  The global erectile dysfunction drugs market was valued at $4.3 billion in 2012 and that is a LOT of money.

The non-surgical method to increase penis size is through weight loss.  Weight loss can be done for free.  Erectile dysfunction treats the symptom, not the cause, and a customer could generate a lot of revenue over the years.

I cannot locate the original article that brought this to my attention, but I did locate a source that quotes Dr. Oz where he says for every 35 pounds a man loses, he gains one inch penis length! Dr. Oz explained to Oprah how when we gain weight our omentum gets larger and even adds to our weight gain through hormonal activity.

You can watch as Dr. Oz goes so far as to claim our omentum holds the secret to weight loss.

But what would get your attention – a mention of your omentum or a sophomoric remark about penis length?

Maybe we could have teased the audience with a reference to helping your omentum gain momentum to help you in the bedroom.  That’s still not very catchy, is it?