All The Equipment. All The Privacy.

None of the intimidation or the distraction.

Our goal is to treat each member and guest the way we would want our own mother treated if she was in a gym 500 miles away dealing with strangers. We would want her treated with love, respect, and kindness. That doesn’t mean that she would get her way “just because”.

Blue Moon Fitness offers our female members a private and comfortable women’s only workout area within each of our clubs. Work out stress-free and be comfortable while you exercise, without feeling intimidated. The women’s only area includes all the cardio and strength training equipment you need, and there are also functional training tools as well.

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A Note From Blue Moon Fitness Owner, Joel Potter

To All Women, You Are Welcome Here


We’re going to do that by providing a comfortable, affordable and well-equipped gym. Don’t join just because you like our low prices, because that is just a portion of what we expect from you in return for access to our club. More important than our fees is the respect we expect from our members. You must show respect for yourself, for other members and guests, for our facilities, and for our staff if you want to be a member or guest of Blue Moon Fitness.

Don’t think of this gym as a meat market, because it isn’t. It is okay to think of it as “meet” market. You can “meet” many great people here.

I also want to remind you of what it was like the first time you stepped into a gym. I expect you were nervous – most of us were. My goal is to offer facilities that are clean enough, comfortable enough, friendly enough, and helpful enough that first-time users feel welcome. If that happens, then I expect you will feel comfortable, too. If you treat everyone with the same respect that you would like to be treated with, you will probably get along well here. I ask that you treat new exercisers with extra consideration so they stick with the program long enough to realize the benefits. Your kindness and encouragement just may save someone’s life.

We want people to come to our facilities with the expectation that they won’t be ridiculed or berated because of their shape, size, age, sex, race or anything else that may make them feel slightly different from others.

As Sweet as a Rose

Showing Our Ladies Some Love On Special Occasions


At Blue Moon Fitness we strive to treat each member the way we would want our own mother treated if she was in a club 500 miles away dealing with strangers.  We would want her treated with love, respect and kindness.  We demonstrate this through our commitment to having great women’s only exercise areas and our 10+ year history of giving roses to very special women on occasion.  We enjoy giving these roses out as much as we hope the women who receive them enjoy getting them.  

Hands down the best gym near me!

Love the option of having a Women‘s Only section! Very kind. Great price. Other gym-goers have also been incredibly friendly.

— Michele J.

I highly recommend this gym!

Great price and great hours. I know most of the staff and everyone I know is super nice. I love that they have tanning, red light therapy, massage chairs, and a private women’s gym. I highly recommend this gym.

— Caitlyn L.

I couldn't ask for a better gym to call home!

Their prices are extremely generous ($10 or $20 for VIP), they have an excellent equipment selection, but more importantly the staff treats me like I’m part of the family. They even have massage chairs, red light therapy… I can also visit all of the Blue Moon Fitness locations, they even have tanning which is super nice because then I don’t have to pay extra for tanning somewhere else. The women’s only area is where I spend most of my time, they are one of the very few places in Lincoln that offer a women’s area exclusively for women.

— Macy S.

I seriously LOVE working out at Blue Moon!

The trainers are super nice and so is the front desk. The women’s work out area is so great with a lot of different weight machines and a lot of cardio options so you don’t have to wait for machines, especially if the downstairs weight area is busy.

I like this place because I don’t feel intimidated by working out here.

— Jenna S.

A Great Place for Anyone Looking to Get in Shape

I‘m currently a new member and like it very much as it was a recommendation that one of my friends made to me.  8/10 gyms have a very intimidating atmosphere where you feel like you don’t belong but not at Blue Moon Fitness. The atmosphere is very relaxed, staff are approachable and know what they are doing which makes it so much easier to ask questions. The fact that they have a women’s section, strictly for women, is one thing that sets them above the rest. Definitely guaranteed value for money and desirable results with the right attitude.

— Sindy N.