To The Muscle Head

Where do I start? First off, if you’re offended by being called a muscle-head, get over it. You probably worked your butt off to earn that moniker. I was a “muscle-head” at one time and I was damn proud of what I had accomplished. And you should be proud, too. Being heavily muscled is a unique experience that most people will never experience. Being able to perform feats of strength is fun. I used to love putting 12 45-pound plates on the bar, feel the bar bow as I walked out from the squat rack and have the gym stop as I popped out a set of 8 or 10 reps. One of the highlights of my lifting was squatting in Gold’s Gym – Venice and having Tom Platz stop to watch me squat. Tom was one of my heroes. To have him watch me squat was very cool.

Being big you have a special responsibility. You are a very visible example of your pastime. People associate your behavior, good or bad, with everyone who shares your hobby. If there is a chess player who is rude, the public doesn’t condemn all chess players. If there is a bridge player who gets in a fight in a bar, they don’t assume all bridge players are barroom brawlers. Nevertheless, weight lifters do get lumped together because of how easy it is to identify them by their hobby. You serve as an unelected ambassador for all muscle-heads.

I expect you to set a positive example in my club. You know that being big and being a jerk are not synonymous. You know it is easy to intimidate people, even without trying. People are often intimidated by your size. So be nice. Go out of your way to be nice. Make sure that people know that you are nice. Be the first to stick out your hand in friendship. Help others learn how to do exercises more correctly. Be the muscle-head that people talk about in a positive way.

Recognize that you are a guest of all the “regular members” of any gym where you workout. Recognize that your membership dues do not cover the expense of the vast array of equipment to which you have access. You need those regular members to help pay for your toys.

I will give you fair warning that if you act in a way that I have to choose between you and a “regular member”, I will be asking you to leave. I take that position because I know that if you leave, you’ll go somewhere else to workout. However, if you scare away a “regular member” a couple of things could happen. They may leave and give up on exercising – forever. They may become one of the people who say, “I tried working out and it isn’t for me”. In that case, they will never experience the benefits of fitness. And they will die sooner because of that. As a gym family, we will have lost a good member and we got stuck with the jerk of the bunch.

Don’t allow yourself to become the member that drives other members away. If you truly want to be a “big” person, let it show through your actions. Being nice, you will inspire others to want to be like you. A lot of people want to look up to athletes, but too many athletes disappoint. Don’t let yourself be one of them.

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"We decided to utilize the Bellevue Blue Moon facility after using Planet Fitness' facility for a year. Glad we did. Joe and staff are great people! Not only does one feel better physically when done working out, interactions with Joe and his staff result in smiles on our faces when we leave."
- Willis

"Friendly and helpful staff. Many other "mature" members makes the gym experience less intimidating for me." - Talma

"I have lived in Bellevue all my life and I am so thankful that we have Blue Moon. The staff is fantastic whenever I need help with anything they are right there to help."
- Diana

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- Sharon

"I have never been in a more positive gym environment."
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2. Clean facility
3. Friendly staff and management
4. A great assortment of workout equipment
5. A great location 5. Hours of operation accommodate everyone"
- Fred

"I love the relaxed atmosphere of BMF. Everyone is friendly. And I love the women only area."
- Sandy

"Love Blue Moon Bellevue! Feels like my home away from home. Keep up the superb work!"
- Ann

"Its kind of like Cheers "everyone knows your name"
Staff is very friendly. Trainers are soo encouraging. I work with Erin and she is in tuned to my ability level."
- Linda

"Since I've been coming to Blue Moon I've made progress with my weight loss, fitness level, flexibility and balance. I've proved I can learn new things and improve my overall health. My doctor is pleased with my progress and my knees are improved. Erin would say that its my hard work that's made the difference but I know it takes a positive support team. I have that at Bellevue Blue Moon."
- Linda

"The staff are all amazing! I've been to a lot of gyms and Never seen anything better."
- Johan

"Everything is great, I love the women's only workout room, and the building itself is always clean and well maintained."
- Grace

"Great place to workout for a great price. I especially love the women only area because it's not intimidating."
- Amanda

"Great club! Best one in Omaha! Very friendly staff! Seems like everyone gets along. It's good to see smiling faces!"

- Bill

"Fantastic customer service. I am greeted with enthusiasm and by name every time I go."
- Stephanie

"This is the cleanest, most friendly gym I've been to."
- Becky

"I'm very comfortable in the environment there. It is clean and there are a lot of options of things for me to do. Lots of equipment. Staff is very pleasant."
- Kim

"Omaha Central is very friendly and welcoming as soon as you walk in the door and when you are finished with your workout, whoever is at the front desk will always say something encouraging."
- Brenda

"I can exercise as much as I am comfortable with and don't feel pressure in any way."
- Debra

"Your staff is beautiful and a smiling face to see when I walk in the door. They always engage in conversation ask how my day was and are just down right good people. I work out at the 85th and center street location and I could not ask for. More friendly, delightful staff, they rock all of them!!"
- Brett

"Every time I've gone in, I'm not pressured. I got help when needed & everyone is nice."
- Karen

"Everything is clean. The staff is always friendly. I love the separate Women's Area"
- Dana

"Very friendly with great equipment. No concerns, I enjoy Blue Moon Fitness and have been a long time member, glad to be back"
- Kim

"Nice, clean place. And very affordable"
- Geiver

"I come for the Body Pump class. and think it's the best class I've ever taken. and would recommend it to anyone."
- Linda

"The place is always clean and they know me by name."
- Colleen

"If someone were to ask me for a fitness center, Blue Moon fitness would be at the top of my list."
- Dan

"This is my go to family gym...the instructors are great...classes are always energizing, clean judgements."
- Tammy

"Best equipment and proper layout of equipment in town."
- Chuck

"I Meet a lot of friends there and it feels like family."
- Amy

"The staff is extremely friendly and always happy to help if I need anything."
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- Kevin

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- Nicole

"It's a great club. Really clean and relaxed there, love the body pump class with Celita, the machines are always well-maintained, the front desk staff is truly nice, and they don't make me feel like I have to look like a super model before they will speak to me (like they do at LA Fitness)."
- Janene

"I enjoy the ladies only room and the TVs on all the machines."
- Nancy

"I love the staff and the group fitness classes!!! Just keep on being awesome."
- Cathy

"I find your gym to be a great place to go and work out from the TV's on the cardio machines, the amount of different kind of weight machines to the great locker rooms. Overall a great place to go for a workout."
- Tim

"I agree with most of your philosophies regarding life in and out of the gym. I also believe that you believe in your approach and are not just saying or marketing what people want to hear."
- Bradley

"I already have recommended Blue Moon to friends. Everything is clean and never has an odor, all the equipment works, the staff is always pleasant and friendly without hovering, none of the patrons get out of hand, the hours are very accommodating, everywhere is well lighted."
- Emily

"As a "transplant" from the Curves Fitness Centers, I have had to learn to use different machines and design my own program. I am adjusting and realize there are staff members ready to help as needed. A major factor at Blue Moon Fitness for me is the area upstairs devoted to women only."
- Gail

"Wonderful atmosphere friendly courteous people great machines available great massage chairs love it."
- Karen

"My wife and I are both glad that we joined Blue Moon Fitness. My wife enjoys the area dedicated to women only. Everyone at the club is friendly and you always feel welcome. Great club and will strongly recommend to others."
- Steve

"Good equipment, comfortable equipment, set out nicely, variety of things to do, and helpful staff when approached with questions."
- Steele

"They honestly have the best staff that I have seen at a gym. So friendly."
- Chelsy

"This is a great place to go to feel welcomed and go at your own pace with your workout! Cost effective and flexible times!!!"
- Jaime

"The staff and members are friendly, the facility always looks clean, and the membership is very affordable."
- Yarita