Only $10 Per Month

We really do offer memberships for $10 a month. The $10 memberships are month-to-month. But that’s not what we’re the most proud of. Read on to learn more.

Month-to-Month Memberships!

In today's economy, everyone wants to save money. We offer the LOWEST PRICES!
Our rules don't allow rude or obnoxious behavior and create our COMFORT ZONE!

New Equipment!

Upgrade, upgrades, and more upgrades! Over the past few years we have added over $4 million worth of new equipment. The most recent upgrade completed was to the strength equipment.

Welcome to Blue Moon Fitness


Welcome to Blue Moon Fitness, the club intended to be comfortable enough, friendly enough, helpful enough, and cheap enough that even people who only exercise once in a Blue Moon can fit in.

Blue Moon Fitness is not your typical health club and we want you to understand that up front.  This website is intended to help you learn about Blue Moon Fitness.  We want to tell you why we exist, who we want to serve, and how we are going to accomplish our goal.

Blue Moon Fitness was created to serve the average American by helping improve the quality and quantity of their lives.  As of this writing, two-thirds of Americans are overweight and one-third of us are obese.   Only 15% belong to a health club.  Statistics indicate that about 90% of our health care costs are from lifestyle related problems.  This means the average American is overweight, headed for obesity and a myriad of other problems because of lifestyle choices, and 85% of us don’t belong to a health club. .

We’re not here to scold or shame anyone for their lifestyle choices; we’re here to provide simple solutions that make sense.  Blue Moon Fitness wants to help by welcoming those people who know they need to exercise but may not have felt welcome in a health club.  We know we cannot reach all of the people who are not members of a club, but we also recognize that many people have yearned for a place where they know they are welcome.  We will be that place for many.

We’re going to do that by providing a comfortable, affordable and well-equipped gym.   Don’t join just because you like our low prices, because that is just a portion of what we expect from you in return for access to our club.  More important than our fees is the respect we expect from our members.  You must show respect for yourself, for other members and guests, for our facilities, and for our staff if you want to be a member or guest of Blue Moon Fitness.

And, just as you would expect not be allowed access if you choose not to pay your fees, you will not be allowed access if you choose not to pay respect.  We tell you this up front because we want to be certain that you understand what is expected of you.   You can learn more about our philosophy as you read through this website.

Our goal is to treat each member and guest the way we would want our own mother treated if she was in a gym 500 miles away dealing with strangers.   We would want her treated with love, respect and kindness.  That doesn’t mean that she would get her way “just because”.

We do not believe that the customer is always right.  We believe that the customer is always served.   Sometime the answer to a question is no.   We will do our best not to mislead you but warn you that we are not trying to be the gym for everyone.